Friday, March 14, 2014

Why Magento commerce, a leading e-commerce platform, is so popular among e-commerce solutions companies.

What is Magento? Let us understand this point first. 

Magento is rich feature amalgamation of ecommerce platform naturally on open source technology providing merchants who are online with enhanced flexibility and control over the look, style, content and functionality of their ecommerce store.

Magento’s administrative interface is power packed with powerful marketing, SEO-search engine optimization and catalog-management tools to give these merchants the authority and power to create sites that are customized and tailored to their unique business needs and requirements thus offering ultimate experience and ecommerce solution.

In a nutshell, Magento ecommerce solutions are used due to below reasons which are time tested.
· Being robust and a powerful solution both for small and middle sized companies and large corporations

· Multilingual support

· Web content management

· Full SEO support

· Faster system deployment and less or low implementation costs

· User levels are well arranged and management of user accounts being very systematic

· Projects being successful and achievable

· Content administration being easy and independent of design or appearance

Since the inception in the year 2008, Magento has greatly attracted the attention of many business merchants all over with its flexible shopping cart solutions and high scalability.

Some of highpoints of Magento are its brilliance in flexibility, ability to search, enhanced security, extendibility and usability. Currently more than 150,000 business chose this product among ecommerce platforms and one among the current leading web shop software in the world. Magento mainly deals with uploading, promoting and marketing of unlimited products simultaneously. It also gives freedom to owners of shops to extend the functionalities that allow buyers to order and purchase products freely and easily.

Some of the striking features of Magento are

  • Very favourable for marketing promotions and tools
  • Integration of checkout, payment and shipping
  • Search engine which is 100% user friendly
  • Product page can be made customizable to suit user needs
  • Custom number of products can be set in a row
  • Custom sub theme can be developed
  • A distinct appearance can be given to the store by way of customizable designs
  • Custom content can be added in every part of the store
  • Supports wide screen and maximum width of the page
  • Product brand logo can be made more appealing 
  • Images can be made zoom with the usage of lightbox or through usage of cloud zoom tools
  • Different settings and multi-store installation for each and every store.

Magento ecommerce is so popular with 350 plus solution partners on a global level and it captures more than 30% market share which is very encouraging and commanding.

More than 10,000 business and brands worldwide trust this product and more than 100 stores being added every month on the so called “Magento Enterprise Editions”.

There is a growing community of 800,000 plus among these groups with some of the popular brands being Nokia, Samsung Ford and Fox using Magento products.

Magento serves its purpose in both B2C and B2B by providing cheaper and faster solutions namely in pricing being low due to already existing modules and components, management of system being more easier, fast training and implementation and host of other benefits in terms of design customization.

So if you are a merchant with online business, here are five reasons a web designer would suggest Magento for their business website irrespective of their size.

  • Solid integration: easy to integrate with many of third party sites needed to run effective ecommerce website like Google, Fedex, and Mysql
  • Special tools and features: built in SEO features, international currency recognition, currency rate live updates, online marketing tools, buyers can rate and review products and have wish lists.
  • Multi-store capacity: capability to run multiple stores from the same backend interface.
  • Easier customization: offers higher degree of developer customization resulting in a unique and memorable web presence for the business.
  • Innovation: offers clear improvements over its predecessors. As an open-source platform, Magento is updated regularly by the designers, so newer features and bug fixes are fixed quickly with web community support.

Successful business that have relied on Magento for their websites are Skype, Gap China, Fiji water and Better Homes and Gardens.