Friday, March 14, 2014

This article will help you to know about Carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Using computer for a long period of time can damage and affect the nerves surrounding the wrist and palm.

Carpal tunnel is actually a very narrow passageway in the wrist on the same palm side.When the wrist is bent for a long period of time or duration repeatedly during exerting work like for example typing or data entry, the median nerve gets compressed which in turn produces pain and numb feeling. This characteristics is called as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Major Symptoms

Feeling of tightening of joints and fingers.
Tingling or burning sensation in the palm mainly.
Numbness in the finger area especially thumb,middle and also index finger.
Also noticed is poor grip while holding any objects.

Who's at risk

Lot of people who work on laptop and computers for long periods without taking much breaks.
People who drive continously long drives and distance and for long hours.
People who are on obese side.
Certain people who are diabetic and with hypothyroidism.
Also people indulging in sms or texting oftenly or sometimes talking for long hours on their mobile phone.


Use lesser force and pressure while carrying out your day to day routine tasks at your workplace.
Always take regular breaks and try to stretch your wrists often.
Improve you body posture and do wrist exercises atleast twice a week.
Try adjusting the keyboard at elbow height or slightly lower.