Friday, March 14, 2014

This article will explain how to apply for Schengen Visa particularly from Bangalore.

Apply for Schengen visa

This Schengen visa is mainly for people who are applying only from Bangalore. city. Apart from country France, it will enable travelers to visit other European countries as well which is a really a beneficial and convenient for so many people who fly often.

People traveling to Europe will be relieved, since they no longer need to go to Mumbai to get their Schengen visa as it will be offered in Bangalore itself and through proper channel namely the French Consulate General itself.

Schengen visa is type of visa which enables a person to travel to different European countries even if the secured visa is from one particular nation. If for example France gives you this visa, apart from traveling to France you can visit any other country in Europe but within the number of days specified on the visa.

The good news for travelers especially from Bangalore city and neighboring state Andhra Pradesh is that the Consulate General of France has its office in Bangalore. This process and procedure regarding visa became operational from February 21st 2011 Monday at its new address 21, Palace Road, Vasanthnagar, Bangalore.

Previously Schengen Visa were issued in Mumbai. The only important condition to obtain visa at this consulate is that travelers need to touch by France first or should have this country mapped as their main destination during their travel trip or plans.

How to contact

For appointments kindly check with the consulate general website and in cases of problems or difficulties, applicants can dial 080-22141200 or fax 080-22141225.

How it helps

The decision taken by the Consulate General is beneficial in such a way that while travelers could so far go to visa application centre of certain countries like Italy, Bulgaria, Germany and Spain, applicants in the city itself can get help from VFS which is the authorized agency and their applications would be sent to Mumbai or New Delhi,also it takes atleast 15 days to be processed and the visa would be posted to the applicant which is very beneficial.

Also please note visa for Italy, Belgium, Germany or Schengen visa issued through any one of these countries would come from Mumbai or New Delhi.

With country France deciding to issue visas right here it does save a lot of processing time. Now the same most likely would take just a day or two since a lot of Bangaloreans travel to Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerl and Austria frequently.


Schengen visa is a pan-European visa and you don't have to apply for separate visas for each country you wish to travel to. If you are given this visa by say Italy you can travel to Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany etc. You can land and take-off from Italy or you can land in Italy and return home from any other country.

Points to be noted during travel within Europe only

1.This visa is only for travel to and within Europe.

2.Travel to United Kingdom also requires separate visa as UK is not part of Schengen agreement.

3.This visa does not allow you to travel to USA

4.With Schengen visa facility now in Bangalore, it saves people frequent trips to Mumbai and New Delhi whenever interviews are called for by any European consulate office.