Friday, March 14, 2014

This article describes mainly the uses and overall health benefits of Mint or Pudina, Mint leaves and Mint oil.

Uses of Mint

I would like to point out some of the health benefits of Mint or Pudina as it is commonly known.

Mint leaves also have so many medicinal uses.

Some of the uses of Mint

1. Mint has several medicinal properties like treatment of skin related problems.

2. It is effective for soreness and cough related sore throat as well as in relieving headache.

3. Mint leaves can be chewed to get relief of digestive related problems.

4. The menthol extracted from this leaf is used in balms.

5. Mint leaves are used for various culinary preparations.

6. The most important usage of mint is in treating itchiness, acne, burns and inflammation or swelling.

7. Apart from the above mint is also used to stop nausea and vomiting, fever, coughs and recurrent hiccups.

8. Mint also reduces the fungus and bacterial growth in our body, so include it in your meals.

9. Mint oil is a very good antiseptic agent, so it is very good for skin or face related problems mainly areas of concern namely pimples.

10. Crushed mint leaves when applied on tooth makes it clean and white to a certain extent.

11. Mint is very helpful in asthma patients, they act by blocking respiratory allergies, but ensure that dosage is not exceeded.

12. Mint also cures acidity and relieves gas and colic or stomach related irritants, so include this marvelous plant in your daily food or diet.