Friday, March 14, 2014

My School-Baldwin Boys High School,Bangalore


I would like to mention few points about my School "Baldwin Boys High School" which is one of the oldest in Bangalore.I am proud to be associated with this place. I studied here from Nursery section to Class X under the famous ICSE board syllabus of New Delhi Board.I was very fortunate and lucky to have got admitted here mainly thanks to my uncle who had earlier studied here.His influence helped my parents in getting my admission here.

My school has many old buildings as well as newly renovated stuctures as of now.This school was founded and established in 1880 by funding from John Baldwin hence the name given to school and actually set up as per plans architecturally by the Methodist Church. It newly started as Co-education system and later bifurcated into separate schools for boys and girls.

There are also many other noted personalities who have studied here.The school also provides hostel facilities to limited number of students who come from other states and international places also.

I belonged to Green or called as Turquoise color house which had total of six houses in which school students were divided for march pasts,sports participations.The school also has a swimming pool attached and provides all round development for people learning swimming which is very important in our life.

There are lot of sports activities along with education curriculum happening always here.Even the cultural activities recognise and promote personality development if you want to part in them.

The sports field is big for a cricket game and also there is another short field for other sports like basketball.

This school believes in righteousness and truth and tries to empower or drive this principle of life right from a very young age in all the students irrespective of caste or religion.

This is a christian methodist church run and also supports noble causes and assists in providing clothes and other things namely for the old people at a place known as "Home for the Aged" which is located nearby at walking distance from the school.

The quality of education is very good but it all depends upon the interest of the student to takeup studies seriously and become good responsible citizens of tommorrow.

The school is located on Hosur Road Banaglore which is very near to the famous Johnson Market and closeby to Brigade road and also another landmark is that it is almost opposite to the famous Army High School.It also has started Baldwin methodist college under Karnataka pre-university syllabus and a full fledged Degree college also a few years ago.

I have lot of memories and feel very nostalgic about this place and I thank my parents for giving me the best of education here.