Thursday, March 27, 2014

Leaders and Managers.

How about installing leadership qualities in Managers
Business world have both Managers and Leaders who are diametrically two different entities.
Leaders manage, lead and execute whereas Managers just manage and execute plans.

Leaders: Who are these people:
Leaders inspire and motivate people within an organization, shifting responsibility, forcing out the non-performers and rewarding the exceptional ones. Value of self-management and self-motivation is noticeable in leaders.

Managers: Who are these people:
Managers often are unable or unwilling to make the tough and unpopular decisions necessary and instead follow the path of least resistance. This can be due to the fact that it's the result of a manager being managed by a manager, usually a micromanager, rather than a leader. Managers usually order and many times just execute their plans mechanically, negative effects being decline in employee motivation.

Certain critical differences between Managers and Leaders are observed:
Managers only maintain command and control, many times to excess, thereby uninspiring employees, whereas Leaders empower and inspire their followers.

Managers make decisions, solve problems as they arise, and give orders, whereas Leaders set the standards, inspiring their followers to solve their own problems and take their own decisions.

A manager just accepts the organization's culture and does all that he or she can to cement the company's status quo, whereas Leaders teach their followers to be leaders in their own right and to better themselves, their companies, and those around them.

Leaders are always looking for better and more efficient ways of doing things and keep an eagle eye on the know-how and everyday skills of people employed in an organization. But unfortunately, even the best of managers don't do well with this type of task, but leaders do it well and professionally.

Transforming Managers to Leaders

We must look beyond hiring people with only fundamental management skills and employ candidates who exhibit a great deal of character and possess above-average leadership qualities in addition to management skills. Certain points as below needs to be incorporated at all Managerial levels during screening.

Effective communication is as important as the vision and this is present in visionary Leaders.

Integrity is an essential factor to have in a leader so as to have large followers.
Leaders must trust in themselves and their employees and they must earn their employees' trust. So look out for such trust building qualities as well.