Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Food and delicacies prepared during Dasara in India.

Food and delicacies prepared during Dasara.

During the Durga puja festival, tourists and local natives can enjoy the best of the delicacies that are not usually found in other seasons. Here are some dishes served during the best of Dasara season.

Sweet items are the most prevalent with preparations of many delicacies depending on the region to which the tour is taken during the Durga puja in India.

In Mysore, food festival or the Aahara Mela is held and visitors get to taste different delicacies from all over Karnataka besides Bengal, Gujarat and Kerala. From Bidar a special variety is the jolada rotti, yengai, shenga and Agsi chutney curd. The speciality about this food is that the ingredients are directly from Bidar.

Jolada rotti, yengai and kara chutney are the specials on the menu. In the Non-Veg section, Dum mutton biryanis along with kebabs are served hot. In the chaats category, Bangarpet panipuri which is of colourless pani or water is up for grabs. Four different Pani puri’s namely pineapple, grape, watermelon, pudina besides pudina bhel is available every day. Participants from Bengal, Sindh, Gujarat, Kerala and Jain samajas present a variety of their foods on different days during the seven-day festival.

In state of West Bengal, Kolkata people prepare all types of spicy food items and these are mostly vegetarian items for example Aloo Posto, Bandhakopar Dalna, Chola dal, Labra and Misthi Doi. The Roshogolla is a sweet dish that is necessarily prepared in every household and is used for the prasad for the goddess.

In state of Punjab, typical punjabi cuisine along with the best punjabi lassi are the highlights. The cream paneer and cream chicken are their special dishes. A wide variety of parathas made by special chefs from Delhi, flow like butter. Such contrasting styles offered on the culinary platter for the taste lovers.

In Delhi, hotels offer a new type of wrap and rolls and roll mafia as a special menu during the four days of Puja. Also offered are delicacies like Dahi ke kebab, Aalo bhutte ka tikka, Murg haryali kebab, Murg angara kebab, Jungle paneer tikka, Dadad majboosh biryani and a special Bengali dish delicacy fish coconut curry.