Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Exercise for mental health, benefits of exercise on the mind and the brain

From ancient history onwards there has been a paradigm shift in the way people have been using their brain power towards various challenges faced in society be it academically or technically. The power or health benefits of exercise on the mind and the brain has become all the more significant and due importance has been given by introducing a lot of brain drain mental exercises to keep both the mind and brain sharper as a person ages. Apart from lot of brain drain gizmos or games available freely in our society, nature has to offer the best brain exercise in the form of swimming and a quiet and peaceful brisk walk in your own neighborhood.

Regular exercise like walking leads to a more robust development in mental abilities which can span from childhood and continue till old age.

This form of exercise reverses or slows down the brains physical decay and thereby the ageing process. We need to develop this habit on a regular basis and incorporate more of such physical activity into our lives so as to function optimally and additionally reap the benefits of staying agile and sharper.

There are also various man made or developed brain games in the form of Sudoku, find the missing six images, online games, puzzles and riddles and various other exercises which are strategically developed and made available for targeting the cognitive senses and neurons associated within the brain mappings in human beings.

These games exercises human cognitive abilities and improve brain fitness. Some online games like mastermind are good for practicing logic and deduction and some computer training games can also improve mental health by exposure to intense brain workouts which otherwise prove to be a boon for young and the old.

Scientists even hinted that physical activity plays a critical role in making our brains larger to a certain extent and researchers have time and again released press evidence that practicing a particular demanding mental task like for example dual n-back increases general intelligence. This effect increases the capacity of working memory in the sense the number of things we can hold in our head at one time while thinking. This significant breakthrough holds the promise of a way of increasing general intelligence and problem solving ability.

Also studies done all over the world shows that brain exercises may ward off Alzheimer’s disease and its related chemical components in the form of protein structures. Such observations have also revealed that people who are well educated and stay mentally active build up brain reserves that allow them to stay sharp even if deposits of the destructive protein called beta amyloid form in the brain.