Monday, March 24, 2014

Do Opimists make better leaders?

Optimism can be termed as an essential ingredient of innovation and is one of those ingredients and essential traits that today’s leaders must exhibit.

Here are some reasons why optimists can make better leaders

Optimists start businesses. 

An optimistic person sees opportunity where others see uncertainty and despair. At times of recession, pessimist uses this factor of unemployment as excuse to stay in a place, whereas an optimist refuses to let macro-economic trends impose hurdles on their imagination. They take up challenges to start new businesses that ultimately employ people back to work. The saying “optimists see opportunities in every difficulty” is very truly reflected here, since they have successful mindsets and start successful businesses in a very difficult economic environment by casting away the negative emotions of fear, uncertainty, and worry.

Optimists are inspiring communicators.

Inspiration also means eliciting a fervent enthusiasm. This is achieved through strong communication and believing in a better future.

Optimists rally people to a better future.

Speeches bring out the best in people as words and attitude of the speaker make public feel confident and secure in their presence.

Optimists see the big picture.
We all need optimists in our lives to fight the “Recency effect”. This effect is a psychological term that simply means the most recent experiences we go through are the ones we are likely to remember and assume they will continue into the future.
We need leaders who are immune to the recency effect and who see the big picture, reminding us of the long-term. For example, recession being bad as it seems in the moment and if you’re surrounded by pessimists you’re likely to assume that nothing will get better i.e  the economy or your personal situation.
Optimists elicit super human effort.
People must believe that no matter how bad things look, but this trait can be achieved by great leaders who know things will get better because they themselves will make them better. This is optimism with power of logic.

During times of economics crisis, believe in yourself, get things done even if facts and analysis pile up against you. Avoid skeptics but take their criticism in your stride and move on. Bottom line : We need optimistic business leaders who inspire their employees, clients, and customers, infusing them with the confidence and enthusiasm to take up challenges even in tougher times.