Friday, March 14, 2014

Benefits of plant Oregano from health point of view,medicinal importance and other useful stuff.


I would like to point out some of the health benefits of a plant named Oregano.

Oregano is a plant which has so many medicinal properties. There are lot of health benefits which are directly associated with this plant and its derivative in oil form.

Major Benefits of Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is beneficial for those people who suffer from severe lung and cold congestion, this can be achieved by adding few drops of oil to a glass of water and following it as a course for atleast five days.

For women suffering from menstrual cramps, they can chew on the plant leaves atleast thrice a day to get relief.

For those suffering from skin infections oregano oil usage with its vast antibacterial and antiviral properties will be a blessing.

Chemical compounds like thymol and carvacol present in this plant will help in treating indigestion and stomach upsets, this can be achieved by adding two to three drops of oregano oil in glass of water and having it immediately.

A whole lot of good source of manganese, iron and Vitamin A found in these leaves will help boost the human immune system, this can be achieved by regularly eating these fresh leaves often.