Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Are you Building an Effective Work Team?

There were times when the hierarchy of boss- to- worker concept was the predefined way of working and getting work done, but this rhythm flow or governing mechanism has undergone a paradigm shift in various business entities which largely focus on effective work team and their correlated benefits.

The term “effective work team” can be best described as a team which is more of a flexible type and a self supporting mechanism in place for managing all the team work more effectively and efficiently.

 The complaints and associated personal or professional problems are discussed and addressed first by the team itself rather than escalating to the higher authorities or the big boss. This eliminates considerable time engagement for solving the queries then and there itself, also effectively bringing out optimum performance in terms of enhanced productivity and collective work from the individual and the team respectively.

Along the way even the best management practices are taken care of during this stage.

To achieve the above strategy for achieving quality and extracting effective work from the team, a few simple points in team building needs to be followed systematically as per below

“Have a common goal and vision” - Being united and working towards a common purpose and achieving the goals selflessly.

“Goal clarity” - Clear and common objectives and discussing the same frequently with an open mode of communication.

“Commitment from all” - To be loyal, productive and effective commitment from every individual is essential.

“Bringing out the best” – Specific skilled people accomplishing different tasks and guiding other new non skilled workers

“No place for ego”- It’s not about you or what is so relevant on your resume but playing along with all team members to accomplish common work standards and ethics.

“Qualitative and quantitative approach”- both needs to be balanced and driven.

“Innovation” - Learning and innovating together.

“Responsibility” - Sharing responsibility and to collectively work.

“Ownership”- Taking ownership for whatever fault/mistakes that can happen at work.

“Real teamwork” – Help each other by eliminating the “I” factor, there is no “I” in the team.

“Incorporation” – Incorporating broader skills to handle more work.

“Self management”- To share ideas and information without any reservations.

“Conversations which are constructive”- Conversations that are honest, open and filled with skillful discussions.

“Having a team lead” - Who can address and lead the team effectively.

On a final outcome on building effective work team a few facts are re-observed.

Introduce the business vision once again, help in decision making among groups, introduce the concept of leadership and promotions, manage effective work force, goals set which are predominantly achievable and finally engage in verbal communication as and when the need arises to eliminate negativity and boredom among employees.